Sudden Feedback

Presenting Realtime, Organized, Interactive, Data from chaos.

on the Interactive Observer (IO) platform. SuddenFeedback uses analytics and data management techniques so that a user can immediately gauge what's important to them. Every session is interactive, allowing the user to change the configuration in reaction to the results in real time. Reports can be run unattended on a schedule or interactively. Results can be saved, published, and used as future templates. SuddenFeedback is a new tool to provide immediate results that typically take days to produce, when it's often too late.

Sudden Feedback is a hybrid between data dense streaming consoles and aggregate decision dashboards. It shows you the summary and the details in one view to explore. This keeps a close tie between conclusions and context which is often lost in traditional reports.

Realtime reaction to events

Monitor organized and quantified sentiment about an event as it occurs and evolves.

See our example report on The President's State of the Union address as it occurred.

Trend Monitoring

Find out and explore what's popular, what directions it goes, quantify it all, and explore.

See our example report on Top political topics divided by demographics.

Topic Monitoring

Drill into a specific topic to gauge the various sentiments and how they split along demographic lines.

See our example report on Gun control sentiment by state in the United States.

Brand Management

Capture a useful baseline for your brand and measure the impact of events along meaningful metrics.

See our example report on Demographic sentiment variance on the WalMart brand.

Mass Journalism

Research social conditions globally with tools specifically designed to help organize user generated content into useful and flexible measurements.

See our example report on Celebrities that have the least literate fans

Feedback Wall

Go way beyond existing feedback walls for your events and lobbies

SuddenFeedback applies the Interactive Observer (IO) platform to Twitter to extract meaning from chaos.