Diving into Action Script, again.

With the introduction of Actionscript 3.0 I’m going to try to implement some ideas that wouldn’t have performed as well in Actionscript 2.0. Also, now that Actionscript has matured to the point where I’m more familiar with the syntax and methodologies I’m more comfortable in approaching it. I’m much more comfortable with code than the flash interface and timeline.

Here are some links that are both very inspiring and helpful:

This has many examples of element interaction and physics. Each example is segmented so that it’s not complicated by too many things occuring at once, and source code is provided for all of them.

This is a physics engine written in ActionScript 3.0, the performance seems very good, and it has a lot of features. This could serve as a basis for collisions, attraction, repulsion, gravity etc.

This is the most impressive display of creative skill applied to flash I’ve seen yet. This guy gives out his source on any of his projects, all of his projects are worth looking at for inspiration and ideas. This guy definately belongs in the “Master” class of Actionscript developers.

This is a project in SourceForge I found where they allow you an interface to draw on a web canvas and then it saves all of the ActionScript code so you can copy and paste it into your apps. This is a great tool for those who don’t care for the Flash IDE and timeline! http://musprite.sourceforge.net/

Here is a blog for someone who wrote and AS3 animation system for others to use. His blog also well done. http://www.boostworthy.com/blog/?p=171

A VERY impressive 3D engine for AS3. http://blog.papervision3d.org/

I’ve decided to use Flex Builder to write my “Actionscript projects” so that I have more of a development interface than the Flash one.

 But FlexBuilder does cost some $$ so you may want to check out FlashDevelop: http://www.flashdevelop.org/community/

No matter what IDE you use, you’ll need the languag reference: http://livedocs.adobe.com/specs/actionscript/3/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhelp.htm

Another Extension Library, when the existing language isn’t enough: http://www.senocular.com/flash/actionscript.php

Nice blog I found on Actionscripting http://www.actionscriptarchitect.com/
Good luck on your projects! I’ll be posting mine on this page.

More amazing work: http://levitated.net/daily/index.html

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